Change Already in Motion

Hoogly Village, India

We are thankful to GHNI for supporting us in transforming our community to better people’s lives to a healthy standard. Now we can hope to see our people in a better place, where there will be no poverty, no illiteracy, and no addictions among children, as there are now.

As the villagers are laden with maximum loads of daily labor, like being rickshaw pullers and house maids, they cannot afford to send their children to good schools. Thus, all the children go to government schools, and the situation in government schools is poor. Besides these challenges, illness and disease are common among almost all the poor families. This is because they have been using contaminated water for drinking and cleaning.

Keeping these things in mind, we started raising their awareness about cleanliness, health, and hygiene, with the support of GHNI. Very recently, we placed a hand pump for them in the village. Now they are using its water for drinking and cleaning purposes.

To encourage children toward a better education, we have started the Spoken English classes for both the children who cannot afford a good school, along with other children who do attend the good schools. Additionally, we have started computer classes to help them become up to date with modern society, so that they may get jobs in the future. Computers are now part of almost every society, and without computer knowledge, there will be limited jobs available, even in rural areas.

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