A Change in Behaviour

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


With the start of the new year, we had a celebration for the children and distributed some gifts to them. We have distributed special gifts for those who shared the lessons with their friends. This is what we encourage them to do in our weekly Transformational Community Development (TCD)  lessons. 


Demiana is a child who got a special gift for sharing her lessons with her family, and she said she's happy because she received four gifts and benefited from the lessons. 


She said, “Papa and Mama benefited as well as my sisters and brothers. I am happy that I attended the lessons. My family was also very happy with the change that happened in my life because I did not love my sisters and brothers, and I used to beat them.”


We partnered with two other organisations to provide food for families because of the COVID-19 circumstances and because it impacted family income. One hundred fifty bags were distributed to the most needy families and widows. The committee arranged and organised the event and took part in the distribution to the families. Among the families we reached out to, there was a woman who has three children and whose husband was out of work for four months due to COVID-19. She was very happy when we gave her the bag because she was hoping for it. Another woman's brother passed away two months ago. He used to visit her every day but, this time, she felt emptiness because he was not there. After we gave her the bag, she said she was grateful.


Thank you,



GHNI National Field Leader