Change is Essential

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

We as a community are doing well. We were facing issues related to whether the seeds we sowed were good. Villagers are still using the same methods they were taught from their ancestors, so they were not getting the best result. This led to lack of proper harvesting. Half of the seeds didn’t even grow after lots of hard work, so now change is essential. So this time, villagers were taught to use the good seeds.

In Jharkhand Village, tribal villagers started the process of sowing rice seeds in June. We decided to select one group in Dhoker Jhara Village and taught them to use good seeds. First of all, *Ariyan and his wife *Tanvi were taught that seeds are to be separated at the time of harvest so that it remains fresh.

Seeds must also be checked while separating. To check seeds, we take seeds in any large plate and shake it so that lighter seeds may fall and good ones may remain. We can also separate seeds by putting them in water so that heavy seeds may settle down and we can separate the seeds from those which are floating. In this way, villagers won’t buy seeds from the market and they can save money from doing this.

Hybrid seeds have their benefits and drawbacks, but the good thing is now villagers don’t need to depend on hybrid seeds. Farmers are excited about these teachings and they are ready to follow.




*For the purposes of wellbeing and safety, “Ariyan” and “Tanvi” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.