A Change in His Children

Helwan Village, Egypt


Women of Helwan


This month, we had a shoe fair for women, men and children. There were many people that came, because everything outside is very expensive. A lady came to buy shoes for her children and thanked us so much because we offer them a chance to buy new things with little money. She has five children and works even though she’s old.  She has to provide for her children. I encouraged her to come to the lessons.


In the past three months, we discussed fire hazards, insecurities, a house on rocks, boundaries in relationships, the art of reproaching, dangers of obesity.  We also discussed healthy food, saving up, home budget, being wise in spending, and forgiveness. We taught them how to do crafts and had a fair.


In the next three months, we had a Christmas celebration and taught communication skills. We talked about boundaries in the marital relationship.  Different topics discussed included: adaptation, acclimatization, making decisions, addiction, communication between couples, working women, bone pain, psychological needs.  We taught crafts and had a medical/optical convoy.


Children of Helwan


We went to visit Shahd and Zeyad’s family. We met their parents. The father welcomed us warmly and thanked us for the change that appeared in his children. He said that the children used to be very naughty and used to insult each other a lot. But now, when one of them insults the other, the other reminds both of them that they have learnt not to say bad words. The mother said that her children never listened to her and she used to hit them. They have started to change and help her with housework. The parents were very grateful.


In the last three months, we discussed the prevention of colds, electrical and rain hazards. We also talked about failure and success and rewarding yourself. We had a session called “I’m Beautiful Inside and Out”.  We celebrated Christmas with games and a puppet theatre. We talked about honesty--not lying or cheating. We also discussed children’s rights and peace.


In the coming months, we will ask “What Do You Want to Be?” We will teach crafts - painting and drawing. We will discuss honesty in terms of speech and lying. We will encourage participants to love everyone. We will also talk about social media and the art of apologizing. We will talk about safety in transportation and the dangers of taking medicines without consulting a doctor. We will discuss how to avoid suffocation.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update



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GHNI National Field Leader