Change of Perspective

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

As we continue working with the ladies of Ezbit el Nakhl Village, we shared one lesson about “Jealousy”. The focus was mainly on a mother’s jealousy of her daughter. We discussed how often times moms may envy their daughters at a specific stage, especially when the daughters start to grow up and attend the university.

During the lesson presentation, one of the ladies strongly objected, “This doesn’t and can’t happen, never, ever!” After hearing some real examples from other ladies taking the lesson, she got it and said, “That is true. It happens, and it happened with me. I got jealous because her circumstances are better than mine. I used to attack her, but now I will take care and will think before I start talking. I will wish her to have the best instead.”

During our work with children, we have discussed a few lessons about the importance of learning to help maintain their house, the streets, the school, and their community. Also, we watched an animated movie and had time for a handmade craft.


GHNI National Field Leader