Change Your Thinking and Your Actions will Change

Helwan Village, Egypt


Children of Helwan


John and Mariam are 11 and 12 years old. They have had problems and used to always fight and insult each other, even in the street. This is actually natural in our community and culture. Since we presented a lesson on solving problems, Mariam and John have stopped fighting. They have found a new way to live in peace together and no longer need to fight. A week after the lesson was presented, John and Mariam came to us and told us that they are friends and are not going to fight anymore.


Really, when the way of thinking changes, the actions also change.


Women of Helwan


We presented a lesson on nervousness and how it affects us. We spoke of nervousness being a reaction and how it can affect our actions either positively or negatively. After our lesson, a lady shared with us that a woman had been accusing her of stealing and insulted her in front of her friends. The lady shared this story slowly and with a calm voice. We asked her how she could be so calm when sharing a story such as this. The woman replied, “I don’t like to get nervous because I know the negative side of it. I may insult her in front of all the people, but I’d prefer to talk to her privately.”


GHNI National Field Leader