Changed Lives

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


There is a city on the shore of the Red Sea in southern Egypt, and in the city there is a group of people who want to help the tribe that lives along the Red Sea coast. They have heard about the Nuba experience and how Transformational Community Development (TCD) has helped many to understand how to use local resources and holistic development. Twenty-three trainees have attended a Vision Seminar for two days on how to reach their community. We expect to implement Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1) training next month.


A group of teenagers in the village held a sports-day for the youth. It was a great time for everyone as the day contained more than 15 different games that require great physical skill. They also praised the youth at the end of the day for their joy all day long as they competed in games. The winning team was rewarded.


“The greatest thing in life is to see the life of others change.” Abayom* is a child from one of the villages. This child was homeless; he was not interested in his studies and wore inappropriate clothes. He used to live his life playing in the street, but after he attended the Child Development Programme, he changed radically. Each time he heard a lesson that helped him. Abayomi became a clean and diligent child.


A group of women from one of the poorest villages worked on a Seed Project aimed at helping poor families with food commodities. They helped 12 families. What affected them was the praise of more than one family that said they came at a time when they were suffering from need. One woman has disabled children who are dependent on her. She was greatly enriched by the visit and assistance.


Visits to the poor in Saft Al Laban village helped very much because COVID -19 has affected many. The TCD Women’s Group decided to pay part of the needs of the villagers. 


Nagea Al Arab children are so poor and not educated; we applied TCD methods to help the school to weekly teach children moral values and health. In the weekly group, children discuss their problems and needs, and think together about what they could change. There is a combined testimony from the villagers that the children change for the better.


Saft Al Laban and surrounding villages are an area of high unemployment (about 60%) which is bad, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We started an Eye Clinic Project to help more than 20,000 poor people in six villages. These villages suffer from government neglect, as there are no eye clinics.  The cost of seeing a doctor in the city is very high. The spread of eye diseases has been observed, especially in young children and the elderly.


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*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Abayomi” is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.