Changing Lives of Children

*JT Village, Nepal


We have continued working with the children and their parents in JT Village. We can see the positive changes in the children. They are more obedient and disciplined. Parents and teachers are also very supportive. As we talked with the teachers, they are very open, helpful, and willing to help. Teaching about health and hygiene keeps them away from many kinds of diseases. This can prevent the occurrence of 90 percent of diseases. We always encourage children, parents, and teachers about it. We are happy that they are learning more about relationships, which is the key for success. Most of the children’s behavior has changed. They are more supportive to their parents.


As we support poor parents with income generation opportunities, our Goat Loan Program opened up their opportunity to increase their income. They can sell milk and goats to cover their family expenses. Parents also know how to use their small piece of land for growing vegetables for their children and family use, so we encourage them to lease land and grow more so that they earn more money by selling vegetables.


Sushil B
GHNI TCD Workers

*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.