Changing Paradigms and Transforming Lives

Gem Village, Kenya


GHNI continues to reach out to the poor, hidden, and hurting within the local villages. The five areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD) are used as tools for transformation. In the villages, our approach with income is to develop entrepreneurship, giving soft loans to desperate families as they start small businesses. People are dying of hunger due to a lack of food, so GHNI teaches the people how to work and provide for themselves. We do not give “handouts for the table.” Instead, we coach them on how to change their lives sustainably. Hence, the coaching has opened the minds of many and uplifted many from the bondage of poverty.


Mama Leperan is a mother who was neglected by all her neighbors and families and yet she is raising three of her grandchildren who were left orphaned after their mother passed away. She has no husband or her own children anymore. When we came into this village, Mama Leperan managed to be a beneficiary of a soft loan, and her life has changed! She is now making income from a camel intestine soup that she sells in her village. The business earns her remarkable profit since people used to go for the soup in town, but now they get it right in the village. Mama Leperan is now providing for her grandchildren easily without much struggle. She is so grateful for GHNI’s coaching that positively changed her life.


TCD Progress Report

  • Income: The group has taken the loan for the second time and business is really improving the way of living in this area.
  • Water: Water is a big challenge in this area since the borehole project is not complete. People are using the river near the village.
  • Food: There is no food since the place has no water.
  • School: The school has been closed for the second term.
  • Wellness: The TCD coaching is ongoing and it has been so helpful to the community.