Changing Paradigms for Better Education

Shambani Village, Kenya


Rebecca is a child from Shambani Village. She dropped out of school because the Turkana culture has historically not emphasized the importance of educating young girls and women. This cultural issue has existed for centuries but has changed since GHNI stepped into Shambani. GHNI has educated the community on the importance of equality among all the children, whether boys or girls, and started teaching villagers the importance of education to both genders. After parents received training by GHNI, they started thinking positively towards girls’ education.


Rebecca’s parents were among those who changed their minds and they decided to take Rebecca back to school again. She went to school where she continued with her education until she finished up with the help of GHNI. Rebecca’s parents are really thankful to GHNI for making their daughter’s dream come true. Rebecca has become a source of inspiration to other girls who dropped out of school and have helped them believe in second chances.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Education: We have been assisting the community in raising school enrollment. Nearly 50 parents attended a session on the importance of enrolling their children in school and we are following up to ensure that children are not staying home. The cost of school fees has been a problem for some parents.


Water: We continue to train villagers on proper water usage and 81 attended a recent session on water conservation.

Wellness: We are working towards eradicating malaria in the community and 32 villagers were trained on malaria prevention.


Income: The committee is following up on micro-entrepreneurship loan repayments and addressing the lack of payments when needed.


Food: We continue to work with farmers and train them on best practices for harvesting and preventing weeds in their fields. The committee participated in various community affairs and plans to follow up to ensure farmers will have enough food at the end of the season.


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