From Charcoal to Rabbit Raising

Attir Village, Kenya


The Attir community has been improving its standard of living, day by day. The villagers here no longer depend on pastoralism or other monopolistic fields of business. These changes began after Global Hope educated them on how they could take available resources and capital and turn them into profitable businesses. Charcoal is one of the available fields of business villagers can enter to generate income and earn profits. 


After Mama Hellen received her training, she decided to put these ideas into practice. She got a loan from GHNI and started buying charcoal from local burners to sell it in the town centre. After a few months running her business, she generated significant profits which were enough to satisfy the needs of her family and also allow her to put some money aside into savings. Mama Hellen decided to leave the charcoal business and started raising rabbits instead, which she deemed would be more profitable than reselling charcoal. Rabbit feed is readily available on nearby farms. 


She bought four rabbits, male and female. The rabbits have since given birth to 14 young ones, and she expects to have approximately 50 rabbits before the end of 2019. She then hopes to begin selling the rabbits for 800 KSH. This would be enough to easily provide for what her family needs, cover upcoming school fees, and she could continue to add to her savings. Hellen thanks GHNI every day for the training and guidance which have helped her to succeed in business. She greatly appreciates the support of Global Hope Network International.


Thank you,