Check Dam Needed in Dhoker Jhara

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Villagers in Dhoker Jhara submitted a proposal requesting a check dam from the government to solve the water issue in the village. They need to make a video recording of at least 500 people discussing their need for the check dam. These individuals would also be required to each sign on an application for the dam. This video and signed application would be sent to the Deputy Commissioner’s office and, after an inspection by the government, they might provide the dam.


So far, Dhoker Jhara Village has had only 150 people in attendance for discussions regarding the check dam, yet, interest is growing for the project. We want villagers to take responsibility for this initiative, thus we are only guiding them and letting them do it by themselves, so that they will have ownership. We have provided them a blank page with columns where others will add their signatures. This sheet will be attached with the application form. I was able to motivate some youths to take responsibility to get the additional signatures needed. Then we will meet once again.


Apart from that, we are trying to expand Transformational Community Development (TCD) work in a neighbouring village. I motivated a college student in this village to start a tutoring centre for the school children. She started it and had some classes, but after only a few days children stopped coming. I have asked her to re-start it with a promise that there will be an examination every three months. Whoever comes in first will get 1,000 rupees, and second and third place will get 500 and 250 rupees, respectively. She liked the idea and will start the class again very soon. Before that, we will have a meeting with their parents to motivate them to provide their children a good education.


Our TCD model needs work and I am thinking of merging it with the regular village committee where there is a chief in every village. I have been motivating 12 young men to get involved in the village development committee. The youth can be very unpredictable, so it’s hard to get them involved in social matters. But for now, they seemed interested and agreed to volunteer in village development work. We are going to have a meeting with the chief next week.


Thank you,