Children’s Camp and Chickens!

Spitak, Armenia


In this month, our new members have spent time discovering, making connections, getting introduced to the programme, and introducing the House of Esther (HoE) to people. They took some local community leaders to visit the HoE, as they want to have good connections and network, which will help later in the future projects.


This month, our team launched a chicken project. The first family is from Jrashen, who received 10 chickens. TCD Workers Tamara & Sam went to bazaar together with them, and they themselves chose the chickens. They are a family of five, and not one of them has a job. Their house was completely destroyed during the earthquake in 1988. This family serves at the local community centre, and it's such a blessing for them.

They're really excited for the chicken project and started renovating the place and prepared a small garden for the chickens, and their neighbour promised to give them some material to renovate the roof of the chicken coup.


Every time our staff visits them, the family prepares a table to welcome them. They always share what they have with others.


Tamara & Sam also started to work with another family who greatly suffered from the earthquake. Their son, Sergey, was born right after the earthquake with many diseases. He is now about 30 years old but, sadly, cannot walk. He also has a hard time speaking and cannot take care of himself. He is in a wheelchair, and his family is taking a good care of him. Sergey received a computer and uses it with the help of his feet, which function better than his hands. He is the only family member with solid hope for their future. Our team would like to have ten more chickens so they can start with the chicken project, too, as It will be a great blessing for them and especially for Sergey. It can be a good opportunity to keep visiting them.


Tamara & Sam are thinking of the possibility of having a summer camp project. There is a district right behind the HoE where many children live. The local community leader said it would be just great if in the summer they organise a camp for them. This can be a five-day camp for the children that’s a daytime camp, so they do not stay overnight, but instead go back to their homes.


Thank you!


GHNI Partner Volunteer