Children Cleaning Up

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


Ten-year-old Srdjan lives in Djorgovska mahala Village. At the beginning of the mahala (when the village was initially established), there was a huge landfill. All the villagers dumped their garbage there. It had an awful smell, especially in the summer. There were paper, glass, and plastic waste. Children would play there and would often get sick due to the source of their infections. Also, dogs and cats that were kept as pets were visiting the landfill, further spreading illness.


The township decided to help and clean up the landfill. We were giving lessons about the environment and how it affects people's health, air, water, and land. We learned that we should not throw garbage everywhere and keep our environment clean. With Srdjan’s friends, he is carrying trash to special containers. They are trying to not pollute their environment.


Thank you!


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