Children Grow Through Encouragement

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


Different aspects of Transformational Community Development (TCD) can be seen in the following stories and events.


Shenouda’s Story

The leaders noticed that Shenouda from the village of Shusha was very withdrawn because of the nature of his home. He is the sixth brother of seven children. His father and mother neglected him and his brothers did not care about him. The leaders urged him to engage with others in the children’s group in order to break the barrier of isolation. With the passage of time, Shenouda established new relationships that encouraged and cared for him, and he became one of the most social children in the group.


Mirna’s Story

Mirna is a very poor girl from Kom Al-Ahmar. In the last exhibition, the leaders prepared some gifts for her to honour and encourage her. Indeed, those gifts were very different for her. She said that for the first time she had received so many gifts and she felt very loved and accepted in the group because of this.


Exhibition in Towa

A group of women in the village of Towa is making an exhibition to meet the needs of some of the poorer women. The purpose of an exhibition is to motivate groups of children and women in all villages to save a very small amount of money every week for 12 weeks (4 times a year). The local committee and we as a training team provide part of the money and, at the end of the period, we run an exhibition with gifts for children, such as simple toys, and for women simple household items. Everyone who gets more coupons can buy what they need from the exhibition with coupons. The purpose is to encourage them to continue their commitment and perseverance, as well as participating in home visits to apply what they learnt of the principles of development. Every week they get coupons to commit to attendance and home visits. There were many smiles drawn on their faces as the women received inexpensive household items. They rejoiced in the group’s interest in them and their lives.


Seed Project in Saft El Laban

The group of women in Saft El Laban, did a Seed Project. They distributed a bag containing groceries and a chicken to needy and poor families. The women of the group brought things from their homes and collected donations to help the poorest families. They had a beautiful impact by bringing their children to share the giving. The poor families thanked the women for their good relations with them, their constant interest in their circumstances, and for their assistance.


Eye Clinic

A medical clinic for eyes was carried out in the village of Saft El Laban and the neighbouring village of Taha. The clinic provided exams at a low price for poor families. The day was very well organised and very popular: the number of examinations exceeded 150. The organisation and the prestigious level of good treatment and doctors participating that day were praised.


Seminar in New Menya

In new Menya, a seminar was held for children and women together on how to protect against sexual harassment of children in the presence of their mothers. The mothers were encouraged to be the friend of her son or daughter and be a source of encouragement to share the child’s life. The parents were encouraged to understand the children and how to deal with them. The seminar was attended by about 50 children and 50 mothers.


David’s Story

David is one of the most beautiful children in the children's group in Saft El Laban. He does not like to just hear the lesson and apply it in his life only, but he always bears the responsibility to share what he has learnt. He is energetic and cheerful and likes to make others rejoice. When he learnt the lesson of giving, he decided to share the gifts that he would receive. From the exhibition, he brought a gift to his mother and his school friend. He always likes to participate in a positive way and is responsive to change. He always brings positivity to the group, enjoying what he will learn.


Children in Saft El Laban

The children's group Saft El Laban organised a talent day for children to share songs, stories and arts. What fascinates us is the ability of these children to express themselves, and their ability to listen and share with their brothers and encourage each other, knowing that they should always support each other.


Family Counselling in Adandan

The village of Adandan suffers from a high rate of divorce and marital problems. The Development Committee decided to hold a seminar for the Nubian families. A specialist in family counselling sessions was invited. Thirteen families attended the training.


Thank you,

Youhanna, Kerstina, Bassem, Faid, Eman

GHNI TCD Workers