Children Learning Tamil Language

WR Village, Sri Lanka


After the teacher completed teaching the children on how Tamil words must be pronounced, we asked the teacher if the children are weak in the pronunciation of words. She told us the children find it difficult to speak Sinhalese. They pronounce the words according to what they hear, which is wrong. To make it easy, the teacher now writes the word on the board, and breaks up the word, asking the children to pronounce it in two parts. She then tells them to pronounce the word at one go (or pass). According to what we saw and heard, this is a good method to improve their pronunciation and spelling of the words.


The teacher tells us that she is preparing the children to get high marks on their term examinations. She also tells us that all the children earned above fifty marks at their promotion examinations last year in 2018. Her idea is to get the children to perform much better by this year’s end.


As usual, the children tell us that their teacher is good and helpful. She is a teacher with a lot of patience, and she does not mind the time working longer hours. These are good qualities we see in her.


GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of security, “WR Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped.