Celebrating Children’s Day

We had the pleasure of visiting the students in all three villages where we offer tutoring classes. We asked the children, “What do you remember about the first day of October?” All the children were noisily trying to explain it, so one child was given the opportunity to explain this day at school. She said that they come dressed in colored clothing instead of uniforms as it is a day off from study. It is a day for fun and games and the children are given food.

Why is this day so special and how did it start? I explained to them that in 1954 the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries should establish a Universal Children's Day observed every year on the 20th of November. This is a day to protect children from having to work long hours in unsafe conditions and to allow them to have access to learning and to work towards achieving many other rights for children.

All countries celebrate Children’s Day on different dates, however, this event must be held annually on the same day every year. There were questions asked about children’s rights. Some questions were funny, and some questions needed explaining.

I also explained that if you see children working in homes or in shops or on the street selling items for a businessman, it is your responsibility to inform elders, a class teacher, or the police. Your good deed will help this child get an education at school.

The children were given cakes and tea. Then as the day ended, the children sang the national anthem.


On our way to U Village, there was a heavy rain. However, when we got there, it was bright and sunny, and the children were already at play. The teachers said that the children thought it was another day of learning, however, when the teachers informed the children that they were to celebrate Children’s Day with fun and games, the children were very happy. It was a celebratory day and each face had a smile when they were served with goodies. We had to end the day’s activity before the rains began.

Meanwhile, in UV Village, the community center hall was going to be given free of cost, but due to a conflict among the community members, our education committee was informed that it would no longer be given free of charge. They had requested a weekly payment, so I agreed to discuss it with them on Monday. However, when the teachers and children arrived at the center, the caretaker was not there to hand over the community center key.

When we were on our way to meet with the village committee members, we were informed of this setback. I immediately told the teachers to speak with the children’s parents to find a house to carry out the tutoring classes for this day. A parent offered her house for that day, and when we got there, another parent offered her house for classes permanently, as her daughter also comes for tutoring. This helped us get a house free of charge.


GHNI National Field Leader


*For purposes of security, “WR Village,” “U Village,” and “UV Village” are pseudonyms for the villages being helped.