Choosing to Forgive

Helwan Village, Egypt

In seeking to offer hope to the children of this village, we had arranged a fun day for kids.  We also included teaching the kids more about order and organizing. We held a special celebration for Christmas, where we introduced the topic about love.

One family lived in problems all the time. There is Michael (11 years old), Marina (9 years old), and Jana (7 years old). Their father died in a car accident. The elder brother, Michael, was acting like a wrestler. One day, he hurt one of his colleagues in the school with a large wound. After counseling, he decided to live in peace. His mother testifies how he became totally different now. One of his relatives named John cursed him, but Michal chose to forgive him. Another child locked the door on his hand, his hand was wounded and he felt pain, but he decided not to take revenge and forgave him.


Farhan & Lydia

GHNI National Field Leaders, Egypt