Christmas Celebration Leads to Expansion

North Thailand TCD Expansion, Thailand


In December, some of the villages of the Baan Pongsa Cluster take time off to celebrate Christmas. Members of our GHNI Southeast Asia team were invited to go up the mountain to celebrate with these community members. Everyone gathered together some money and purchased a few pigs and chickens to eat for a party. Impromptu soccer games and English lessons also sprung up amidst the celebrations.


But it was not just celebration and relationship-building time that took place in December. The Man of Peace took some team members up to a village that they had not yet been to, one that a partner has been visiting for quite some time and has relationships with. This particular village is up a very rough road that is impassable during the rainy season and is significantly more isolated and higher in elevation than the main part of the Baan Pongsa Cluster. This village is also much more economically challenged than the others. In a conversation with our Man of Peace later, he shared that it is a goal of his to work in this village in the coming year, so seeing it first hand and spending the night there was a very valuable first step. We also learnt of other similar villages nearby. In the coming months, we are planning to visit these communities, develop relationships, and assess their suitability for Transformational Community Development (TCD).


TCD Update

  • Food - One community leader continues to develop his FAITH (Food Always In The Home) Garden, providing nutritious food for his family. He hopes to be an example for others in his village.
  • Education - Education seems to be available for all children, but little is known about the quality of the education or attendance rates.  For some communities in this area, access seems challenging.


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Trey and Madison