CHVs Spread Word about Virus

Attir Village, Kenya


It has been long hours for Community Health Volunteers (CHVS) in Attir Village as they work day after day in educating villagers about health issues in the community. Here in Attir Village, people don’t know much about cleanliness; they only know how to care after their own animals. When it comes to body cleanliness, house cleanliness, and compound cleanness, this seems like new information to them. 


Better outcomes have been seen thanks to the efforts of CHVs with the help of GHNI. Working together, GHNI networks with other organisations and plans seminars where CHVs are received and educated so that they may go out and teach the community. This has really helped because the quality of life of villagers has changed in terms of health. People now understand that body cleanliness and compound cleaning is a good thing in their lives. Villagers have started improving their health and living environments. 


In the few days since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has become a monster in the world and kills without forgiving, we were really worried for our villagers who are living in rural areas who really don’t know what COVID-19 means. GHNI did not waste any time as they knew, if the disease reaches these innocent people, it will take lives without pause. GHNI went and taught CHVs ways in which one can prevent COVID-19 by cleaning hands using soap or sanitizers, washing hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, not being in contact with some with signs like coughing or sneezing and avoiding close contact from visitors with unknown travel history, as well as avoiding handshaking and crowded areas. 


After CHVs were taught, they did waste time since the disease is dangerous and the only way one can prevent it is by following instructions and being keen. CHVs went door-to-door teaching people about the new virus. Some villagers were truly amazed since they had never seen or heard of this new disease. Villagers started following what they were taught, though sometimes there are challenges of getting sanitizers, but they are using soaps and omos. 


People are really thankful to GHNI  for the information and updates they have brought to the community, and it has really saved lives. Mama Elizabeth belongs to one of the families who are really thankful for educating them about COVID-19. They are now fully prepared. They have set the hand washing jerry cans everywhere: in front of the toilets and at the door of the houses so that one can wash their hands when they enter and leave. This helps a lot!


Thank you!