Classes Running Nonstop in Spite of Pandemic

House of Ruth, Jordan


Both the English and Computer classes are still running nonstop for this month. The students are very interactive, learning and improving their skills in both classes. They love attending the classes. The teacher has taken note of this and feels personally quite rewarded. The teacher has offered to help and support the students to get prepared and ready for their final exams.

The Clinic has remained effective with the doctor and nurse treating the people of the village of Ma’ain. Jordanian locals, as well as Syrian refugees, come to the clinic on a weekly basis. 


The Story of the Nurse 

Dunia comes from Iraq. She had a good position in her hometown. She used to practice medicine among different camps throughout Iraq. Dunia is married and has 2 boys (8 and 6 years old). Several times, as Dunia and her family were threatened by terrorist, they decided to leave Iraq as it wasn’t safe to live there anymore. She’s been in Jordan for two years. Dunia is now the nurse helping the doctor at our clinic.

Sewing Class

In the sewing class, the women have improved their ability to arrange the stitches in a correct and neat way. They also have been practising how to repair old pieces of garments as well as learning how to scale down big or long pieces of fabric. In the last week of this month, the attendees learnt how to draw on the pattern.


Mosaic Class

In the mosaic workshop, the women are continuing to practise and work with the cutting and shaping of stones. They place the stones in their proper place with the right angle and thus complete the art piece. They place it in the ordered frame to get the piece ready for the pouring of glue, cement, and sand. Finally, they then place and polish the piece. After this phase is finished, they work on separate pieces. Each woman has her own individual art piece to practise and work on.   


Thank you!



GHNI Admin Assistant, Jordan