Clean Up Initiative

Jatapara Village, India


In Jhopa, plastics are thrown here and there on the fields, making the village dirty. They are also polluting the soil and spreading many diseases. Through the Mukhiya plan, many trash bins were installed to collect garbage, but these containers are not used by many villagers.


Two ladies in our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group, *Pari & *Priscilla, have learned that they need to keep their surroundings clean. So, they both use a trash bin and hope by seeing them their children will follow and learn about cleanliness. Despite this initiative, villagers are not using trash bins, so these two ladies have decided to collect the plastics in the bins and burn them weekly, so they do not make the village dirty.


Here in Jhopa, the goats also died of peste des petits ruminants (PPR, also known as “goat plague”). This happened as village goats are grazed in groups, resulting in the easy spread of disease. Thus, whole flocks were infected and resulted in death.




*For purposes of safety and well-being, “Pari” and “Priscilla” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.