Clean Toilet Award

The Clean Toilet Award

Kharibari Village, India


As per the plan established during our staff meeting in Gangtok, our first goal was to create awareness about keeping toilets neat and clean. Though we have been informing them over and over about the benefits of hygienic toilets, it is still a challenge as villagers often do not pay attention.

To combat this situation, we spoke with the committee and we developed a plan to institute a “Clean Toilet Award” programme, with winners selected every two months. The committee will survey the villagers’ toilets and the neatest and cleanest one will receive the award. This move is to help encourage villagers to build a habit of keeping their toilets clean and well maintained.

With November being the harvest season, this work has stalled for now as villagers are very busy with harvesting. Once harvesting is over, then we will get into the work of establishing the award.

The committee has identified a new recipient family for the Goat Loan Programme. They will receive a goat as a loan which they will return in due course. We want this handover conducted in the presence of the committee so that the committee members will feel like co-owners and the recipient will also feel accountable. This will be done after the harvest has finished.

Lalita, the owner of the only shop in the village, is going to get married, and so we are looking for someone to replace her. I have spoken with three other ladies from the village, and we have to wait and see who steps up.

With regards to lemon cultivation, I have already spoken with two villagers who are willing to be a part of it, and their available land has been identified. I am in the process of evaluating who will be most ideal for the project. I hope that by December we will have made some progress.

I also visited a local community leader with whom I discussed Transformational Community Development  (TCD) principals.

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