Clean Water, Balanced Breakfast

Jatapara Village, India


During the month of August, more attention was given to plantation work, as a mango orchard is being planted for the first time. Sapling planting started last month when a 4-acre area was planted with 450 mango saplings per acre. These plants are also being fenced to protect them from animals.


In order to water these plants, 6 ditches, each measuring 10 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 3 feet deep, are being dug over an area of about 1 acre of land. These ditches will hold a plastic tank to harvest rainwater for the plants. Water is not being harvested directly in the ditches, as it percolates through the ground and dries up, so a plastic holding tank is being used instead.


Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), villagers were taught about the ill effects of drinking unclean water and how it affects their health. As a solution to this problem, they were asked to filter their drinking water. Now everyone in the village filters water. 


People have started improving their diet. They used to skip breakfast and have meals twice a day. They used to sell off the wheat provided to them by the government Below Poverty Line (BPL) programme. Their only food staple was rice. But when they were told about the importance and benefits of eating nutritious meals, they again started having breakfast. They make chapatis (Indian whole wheat griddle bread) and vegetables for breakfast. A great change can be seen in the food habits of the villagers now.


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