Clean Water - Check! Now onto Education

Attakassikro and Effaoho, Côte d’Ivoire


When Teti first began to engage Effaoho Village in Transformational Community Development (TCD), the locals expressed their various needs, with Water and Education being top priority. Teti and his team began to work with them towards transformation.


With the Water challenge solved (with the help of GHNI) a couple of weeks back, Teti and the community now turn to the school project. Teti reports the villagers have shown great commitment and are claiming ownership of the School Building Project. The project is currently at the wall plastering phase and the Education Committee recently contributed six bags of cement. The building project is gradually nearing its completion and everyone is enthusiastic.


While the villagers are still basking in the provision of the borehole, many more TCD success testimonials are pouring in.


The community has expressed to Teti that another major need is electricity. The community members are hopeful that this will also be done, as Teti and the village TCD Champions continue to mobilise the villagers for sustainable development.


Thank you!    


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader