Clean Water, Happy Village

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformational Community Development (TCD) being the key to transformation in most of the villages we serve, wellness lessons have reflected a positive impact on the life of many villagers who regularly participate. Long before, in this very village, stomach ache, diarrhea and typhoid in both children and adults were at a high rate due to the consumption of unclean water from the river. Just walking down to the river, it is easy to see people taking baths along one side of the river while others are busy fetching water on the other side. Such water was often used without any treatment. 


Recently, the introduction of wellness lessons has changed their lifestyle and they are so happy to be given knowledge which saved their lives and those of their children who suffered many years ago. Mama Mary is one of the mothers who never missed any lessons and put into practice what she learnt. Mama Mary was demonstrating to other villagers how to kill germs in unclean water as taught by the TCD coach as to reduce some of the stomach diseases like diarrhoea. She is so happy and grateful for the knowledge and ideas which have been helpful to so many lives.   


The Water Committee is meeting every day and also making progress on a solar installation programme. There is no farming, but since the rain is not far, I have met with the committee to find a suitable place to start farming. Some villagers who are trustful are still doing strong in their business, but others who were not faithful in paying back their loans are driving the group backward.


We met with the Education Committees to brainstorm ways to help since we got a report from the headmaster that around eight of the girls in eighth grade are pregnant. We came up with a strategy of offering guidance and counseling on Fridays. The Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) have strategisd to visit four families every week and coach them on health issues especially during these times of COVID-19.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader