Cleanliness Is a Priority for Villagers

Chandrapura Village, India


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Water: Awareness regarding clean drinking water is growing among the people of Chandrapura. Now they are using boiled water for drinking. In the past, villagers suffered from diseases, such as jaundice, which had been caused by unclean water and  unhygienic food habits. To get enough clean drinking water, a bore hole had been dug with the help of another NGO, so that everyone in the village would get clean water and stay healthy.


Food: People of Chandrapura have started to consume healthy vegetables and protein containing food, three times a day. This year,  they are also planning to plant vegetables that grow in the monsoon season, such as lady fingers and bitter gourd.


Income Generation: A youth from Chandrapura named Sandeep is training the other youths of the village regarding the wiring and repairing of hand pumps, thus providing them employment.


Education: Children of the village have started going to school now. They also study at home after school and help their parents in household chores. 


Wellness: Village students have started to keep the school neat and clean. Parents have also started to practice more cleanliness at home as well.


Thank you!


GHNI TCD Worker