Coaching Farmers of Poplar Trees

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

The poplar tree project in the Valley of Ali is continuing to grow. After distribution of 25,000 poplar cuttings last spring, we didn't have any major activities in this location.


However, we did visit the site and monitored the cuttings that the farmers planted. Usually we monitor the planted trees a few times a year. It helps us to identify the soil quality, areas suitable for this kind of tree, and which farmers are careful with their planted cuttings. Otherwise, it might be that some of the farmers need to be taught the information we give about how to plant poplars.


We plan to go to Bamyan Province to find a place for a new tree project and TCD location. Regarding this issue, I talked with some of the horticulture specialists.


It is my pleasure to provide help and hope to the people who are very poor, hidden and hurting.


GHNI-Afghanistan Team