College Student Teaches Children

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Hal* is a young boy who is studying in the city and everyday travels eight kilometres to his college. Hal is passionate for the growth and development of his village. He is leading an Education Academy in his village for the children. Hal says, “Since I am going to college in the city, I realise education is the main factor of change. I am the first and only person from my family who is studying. I want to see my village become a model village where there will be education for children and other facilities for a better life.”


Our village Transformational Community Development (TCD) programme is helping the community to raise the resources from their own villages. Until now, we are reaching 21 different villages to uplift themselves. Our recent programmes are making a difference. Food Always In The Home (FAITH) gardens are helping the community to deal with food needs. FAITH Gardens and Self-Help Groups are providing more opportunities to share and make strong relations. 


We have been able to visit different villages for follow-up meetings with Village Committees. During the visits, we have been able to distribute FAITH Garden Kits. We have also been able to do surveys of families in the villages to see where to distribute the goats next. It is great that villagers have passion to grow and have a better life. 


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker

*For purposes of security and wellbeing, “Hal” is a pseudonym for the person helping this project.