Come Help Me Help Myself

When the government failed them, people of this village decided to begin helping themselves.  Wubshet and Habiba, GHNI National Leaders in Kenya, share how the village’s initiative helped fulfil dreams.

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

“The villagers of Bulesa Dima are hardworking people as compared to people living in other part of Kenya. They were afflicted hard by so many challenges from inter-tribal conflict. They also had prolonged drought which killed all their livestock. 

“To make the matters worse, some politicians who are in powerful positions have further pushed them to the edge instead of helping them. Instead they make life so difficult which make this community Internally Displaced People (IDP) in their own city. They are scattered all over since they were lastly fought by their neighbour community of Turkana.

“As GHNI-Kenya we have special interest with this community. They proved beyond doubt that they are willing to transform themselves toward long-term sustainability through their tireless efforts of bringing help and hope to themselves. On the other hand, we had tried our best to work hand in hand with both government and the community.

“As a result the community have agreed to work so hard to greater determination. This was made possible when we helped to form an initiative called ‘Come Help Me Help Myself.’ An idea of cooperation was initiated.

“No one has much of anything, but by putting their efforts together to stand in unity, a lot can be accomplished.

“Harambee is the way to successes in their farm project. They have decided to divide them self into groups of ten working for two farmers each day. As a result, all of them without spending much money harvested enough for families and commercial use.

“Mr Boru is one of the farmer benefited from the above effort. He has been struggling alone to farm on his two hector land, but always overwhelmed by workload and end up achieving nothing.

“‘Come Help Me Help Myself’ initiative has boosted him to achieve his long-awaited dream of being a successful farmer.”