Commitment and Hard Work

*JT Village, Nepal


Many changes have been seen in the last quarter. Villagers seem more committed and hardworking. Monsoon season has started, and farmers are busy planting rice. Some of the parents started farming tomatoes.


GHNI National Field Leader Kiran, visited the school and the farmers’ homes and fields. Children are now helping their parents at home. They are more disciplined in school and at home, with their appearance neat and clean. We found that their relationships with their parents have also improved.


Farmers increased their income by rearing goats and starting micro businesses. Goats provided a good profit, and they began growing green vegetables in their gardens. Children help their parents at home with the animals. **Pramod (grade four) and **Sanjiv (grade two) have been so helpful to their parents in caring for their goats.


We had a great opportunity to partner with another NGO to raise awareness about cleanliness and saving food in a primary school in JT Village. This is very important because many children die of hunger. We want to make sure every child is aware and understands how to not waste food. We all need to eat healthy food, drink safe water, and clean our hands before eating.



Sushil B.


*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
** For purposes of well-being and security, “Pramod” and “Sanjiv” are pseudonyms for persons involved with this project.