Committed to Showing the Way

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


Villagers are taking on rice paddy production better than usual. We were expecting our recent satisfactory harvest after all the villagers used the hybrid rice seeds in their farms. This again helped me to draw their attention and win their trust.


Now we are preparing for the second crop. I talk to villagers, but they are hesitant to do a second crop. They are not sure about the success of this effort, since they have to invest a heavy amount and most of them will be doing it for the first time. So with some of the young village boys who trust me, I am doing the second crop by myself to show them the possibilities. My plan is to show them every step of how they will accomplish it, from purchasing seeds to selling the production.


Besides that, because of the continued teaching of health and hygiene lessons, most of the villagers are doing their own kitchen gardening to grow fresh and healthy food. This is also helping them to earn money by selling their produce in the weekly market. This month many of them have grown different kind of seasonal vegetables.