Committed to Work Together

Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

The Garmaam Village residents are now understanding about Transformational Community Development (TCD) very well. They also know the benefits of their hard work. The government officers are frequently coming to their village and seeing their strong work. They are bringing people from other villages to transfer the knowledge (by seeing first hand) to help them to get started and begin the same methods in their villages. The Government assigned an agriculture expert to help the community, after they saw the encouraging progress in the village. The expert has taught the community how to protect their crops from insects, by using traditional (locally available) means.

Every woman and man has worked hard to achieve these results. The tradition in this area is for all of the work burden to fall on the shoulders of women. Now every villager understands the benefit of TCD and work together in the field. During the morning and night, the fields are full with women and men working side by side. Everybody is serious about working. They have their own regulations. If someone is absent from work without permission, that person is disciplined according to the group regulations. It sounds harsh, but it shows their commitment and how serious they are about transforming their lives and community.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia