Committees Take Flight

Binodpur Village, India


Last quarter was better than the previous. Due to lockdowns and the monsoon, some work had been left incomplete. We have completed those works and begun to complete the last quarterly plans as well. 


This quarter we completed the tube well installation work. We installed a name plate and laid a cement floor. People are happy to get clean water for their daily use. 


We have six volunteers: Mousumi, Mrinmoye, Sujata, Tumpa, Mongal and Depankar. Except Sujata, all of them have started Transformational Community Development (TCD) committees. They all are doing door-to-door awareness programmes in their villages. We have been working to find out the root problem for each committee to address and for them to have ownership of how to best approach those issues. 


On December 21st  we had a pre-Christmas programme and on that day we tried to make harmony with our neighbours. It is really hard to build unity among the people, especially those who lost their homes, stalls, and their beloved family members due to the political disturbance. 


We have installed a tube well in Binodpur. Now people are getting clean water to drink. Nearly 35 families benefit from this tube well.


Villagers are concerned about balanced food for their families. Almost every house has fruit trees like- banana, guava, papaya, etc. Our state government provided fruit trees to every single house, free of cost.


We had a meeting with our TCD volunteers. We are working on it. Due to COVID-19 all schools are closed until further notice. On 21st December we had Sports Day to promote unity among the people.


Thank you!