Communities Embrace Transformation

Kito Village, Ethiopia


Enter the story of Husen, a 30-year-old man living in Kito Village. Orphaned as a child, he lost his mom and dad at the tender age of two years old. Life was difficult, to say the least, and he could not go to school. By some miracle, he continued to grow but was moved place to place, working to live. One day, he met one of our Transformational Community Development team members and learned about TCD. After the explanation, Husen decided to learn more and began participating in TCD training in his village. He is now a TCD member of the Agriculture Group and Income Generation Group. Generating his own income, he rented a house and bought materials to fix it. Husen’s life has greatly changed for the better.


TCD awareness is growing so much in Kito Village that we are preparing to offer more training in the next quarter. After introducing water purifying methods in this village, the Water Committee took the responsibility to teach the community and has already started using the bio-sand filter to purify drinking and cooking water. They are very happy using this method.


The Agriculture Group is working hard on the communal land to introduce drip irrigation. From the previous harvest, the Food Committee earned more than 25,000 birr (about $900). If they continue like this, they can change their whole story. Last quarter, the Income Generation Group discussed starting a business in wholesale.


The Education Committee had a discussion with community to send their children to school. After this discussion, the community understood the importance of sending their children to school. The committee expects an increase in school attendance.


Last quarter, the Wellness Committee had a discussion with the community why having toilet is very important. The community received this lesson and accepted this idea as very important. Seven households built a toilet near their home.