Community Helps a Girl Attend School

CP Village*, Nepal


It is my privilege to share that the Transformational Community Development (TCD) volunteers have done various kinds of activities to bring transformation to the village. One little girl named Druhi had stopped going to school because of her poverty. We talked to the parents and finally decided to help that girl and send her to school. Because TCD brought unity in the community, everyone supported her. They raised money and helped the girl. Her parents connected with the group and received Seed Money. It was our great pleasure to do this kind of support for the most needful ones, and it brought happiness to the family.


We have continued teaching  TCD lessons to the villagers. We wanted to start a movement of TCD in this community and went to the cluster villages to share about it. One village in the cluster shared about TCD with five families. People say that because of COVID-19, they don’t have jobs and income and have financial problems. I told the villagers to learn to earn money by doing TCD. We teach them to find a source of income by starting a small business, shop, farming, etc., according to their abilities and resources. Everyone in the community liked this teaching and felt it was helpful for them. They started to work hard, and this is so encouraging and helpful. 


We have also started a Child Development Class where the children play games, dance, sing, and do different activities to encourage them to be creative. 


Besides this, with the help of TCD volunteers, we have been successful in building the road of relationships into the community, as well as a real road into the village. This is huge! The local government invested funds and supported the TCD volunteers. TCD volunteers have played the vital role. 


I met the Village Municipality President and Rural Municipality President and requested funds for road construction. There was a conflict with the villagers during the road construction. I taught them about the root cause of problems and solutions. Finally, they were convinced and helped to complete the project.


I have shared the TCD movement and its concept to more than five leaders this month and we have expanded TCD in the area. 


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “CP Village” and “RM Village” are pseudonyms for the villages being helped by this project.

**For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" and “Druhi” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.