Community Networks for a New Medical Facility

Shambani Village, Kenya


Shambani Village has been suffering for a long time due to a lack of a hospital which could provide the community with needed services. The nearby hospital is almost 10 km away from the village, and this has been a real challenge to villagers when they get sick. They have to travel for long distances in order to get health services.


This was especially hard during emergencies when there was no help closeby, apart from the Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). They provide care when needed, but since a large number in the community cannot raise money for transportation, individuals have died due to a lack of medical care and medication. This was especially true for older villagers and newborn babies.


Through our partnership and weekly coaching of the CHVs, we took the need for a medical facility to the government where they can get help, CHVs layed out their concerns to the government and the county government listened, taking the initiative to construct a community medical facility right in the middle of the village. This ended a decades-long problem because now villagers could get health services without travelling for long distances. It has also helped to reduce death rates and transport costs. Pamela is one of community members who appreciates the government for helping them and is also thankful GHNI helped the CHWs network with the government and brought fruitfulness to the community.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


While children are attending school, some students’ performance has been lacking due to outside community influences. Water has also been problematic because the rain has been scarce and the seasonal river is drying up. The CHWs have been well linked and recognised by the ministry of health and are now working together hand-in-hand to help the polio campaign and other needed areas. With respect to income generation, many individuals have expanded their businesses like never before! Others have paid off their soft loans and are doing well, which is a good transformation indicator. Food sources are minimal as currently the fields can’t yield any crops so we are organising on relief food to save lives.


Thank you!