Community Ownership Shines through Farms

Alishow Village, Ethiopia

Megaladi is a cluster of villages in eastern Ethiopia where GHNI leaders have been leading TCD, a process which takes the commitment of the whole community. Over the two years as we have been building relationships with the community, we’ve found one village in this cluster which has stood out among the rest.

Villagers in Alishow have proven community ownership in their TCD activities. While we hope the rest of the village cluster embraces the same mind-set through the influence of Alishow’s villagers, we have decided to concentrate our efforts in Alishow. Here is a small example from Zerihun, GHNI - Ethiopia’s National Leader, on these villagers’ commitment to TCD:

“To start TCD in Alishow Village, it was very hard but now things are different than before. There are two groups established. Each group has twenty members and both groups, after they took the TCD training, they are engaged in irrigation farming. Recently GHNI provided them with a water pump. Now both groups are clearing four hector (10 acres) of land.

“Fatuma works on the irrigation farm. She is very happy by her work. She is now getting very good income from this irrigation farm as well as a balanced diet for her family.”

“Besides the irrigation, they are also teaching the community about hygiene to disease prevention.”