Compassionate Care Brings Joy

Shambani Village, Kenya


The Shambani community is getting relief, day by day, as Community Health Workers (CHW) work extra hard. CHWs are working closely with GHNI which networks with other organizations in order to empower the CHWs.


CHWs get teachings from GHNI and the organizations networking with it. After CHWs were taught ways to tackle difficulties in life and ways of self-help, they are now going door-to-door comforting people and giving them hope. During this process, they came across Daniel who had been affected by throat cancer.


Daniel was isolated since people knew about his condition. Many believed that cancer was a communicable disease, and this isolated Daniel for many years. People never associated with him but now, after our CHWs visited him and gave him hope, he has put a smile on his face. The CHWs work closely with him. They visit him, wash him, and try to comfort him day by day. It has come to a point where a CHW is contributing money so that it may help Daniel with his basic needs and also further medications. Daniel is now happy and hoping for the best.