Compassionate Rice Distribution Increases Respect

MH Village*, Myanmar


The village has initiated a rehabilitation plan after a couple years of conflict in the area. 


This quarter, I would like to highlight the progress of the Sanitation Project, Relief, and Rehabilitation Plan in the village. Although the situation is still challenging for the village leaders to continue to engage in Transformational Community (TCD) works, they have done a fantastic and important job until the end of this year.


The Sanitation Project in Myat Hlae under the TCD Committee leadership is in constant progress. Since 2019, the motivation remained high and more villagers wanted their own latrine for their household. It has led the TCD Committee and leaders to initiate a Sanitation Project for the purpose of fulfilling the need of a latrine for every household in the village. Basically, the project was proposed, designed, and supervised by the village leaders themselves. Along with GHNI fund contributions and the village leadership, more than 45 different types of new latrines have been built by this quarter. The village members are so proud of what they have achieved amidst a very challenging situation. Due to the pandemic, the work was paused for a while, but the momentum was still strong. There are families lining up and waiting for their turn to build their own latrine under the project team management as soon as the situation gets better. 


Again, the rice contribution has played an integral part of GHNI work in the village over a couple months because it has helped them relieve their hunger for food. It has been reported that 38 rice sacks had been distributed for 251 households in Myat Hlae and 11 rice sacks for 25 households in Htong bu Village. We appreciated the capacity the TCD Food Committee had in order to manage the rice distribution and make sure that the rice went to those vulnerable families in the two villages. Moreover, their heart to share their portion with their neighbour increased their respect.


Finally, the staff team has been developing the rehabilitation plan proposed by our champion in Myat Hlae this quarter. The plan consists of gathering information about the loss survey of the village due to the coronavirus, initiating revolving loans and community education using social platforms, etc. The team is engaged in designing the plan in order to make a sustainable impact in the lives of the village members so that they will escape from depending on GHNI rice contribution quarterly.


TCD Update

  • Water — The water source improvement project is ongoing in the village. Per the recommendation of the two engineers, our champion has been given responsibility to do the measurements and testing of the ponds. As soon as the measurements are done, the team will continue to work on the plan.
  • Food — GHNI quarterly rice sack distribution has been one of the major sources of food for the community. It has helped most of the village households to have Food in their house for a couple of days.
  • Income Generation — GHNI staff team plan to start a rehabilitation project that would benefit the village to start a new micro-business for the family. The revolving loan idea would benefit the village for long-term as it creates a money pool for those who want to start a small family size business for Income Generation.
  • Education — Schools are still shut down across the country. However, the staff team plans to start a community Educating programme via social media that would open a channel of learning opportunities for the Committee Leaders in the village.
  • Wellness — Under the supervision of the Village Chief and TCD Committees, the village still follows COVID-19 precautionary measures and, as a result, the community is safe from the virus infection until now.


Thank you!




*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.