Completed Water Project

Murtoch Yagnob Cluster Villages, Tajikistan


I attended several of my friends' relatives' funerals in the last two weeks, with many dying of pneumonia. Most villages where we work are not impacted by the coronavirus. However, this month was surprisingly fruitful, as we had many meetings on health lessons in kindergarten classes and the community, a Transformational Community Development (TCD) training in Murtoch, and a holiday celebration.




In Hamadoni, our TCD worker continues to apply a holistic approach even in the face of unanticipated events, such as our newly planted seeds being ruined by snowfall in early April, which required us to restart our agriculture project. Thankfully, we had extra money from our last harvest and were able to replant. We hope to earn more money from the present harvest to support all of our work in Hamadoni district as well as some of our work in the communities. We anticipate this project will be self-sustaining soon.


In Beshkent, we started teaching health lessons and completed one of our water projects by partnering with a former TCD worker, Natasha, who presently works at the health department in the district. We are encouraged and motivated when people see the results of the work that we do in the community. 




The sheep in our village in Dolon are well and producing lambs. However, two weeks ago, about 2,000 sheep and goats from other villages around Dolon were swept away in a mudslide after a heavy downpour. This heavy loss left the locals shocked. 




The team in Murtoch has made some great progress partnering with doctors and teachers. We held a TCD training workshop and taught health lessons. The locals are happy and encouraged by the TCD programme, and my wife is helping by leading discussions with the women of the villages. The programme is doing great!!!


Thank you!



GHNI Partner Volunteer