Computer Center Inaugurated

After long awaiting resources to begin a computer center in Bendall, GHNI-Afghanistan celebrated in its recent inauguration. Aiding in developing a self-sustaining community, the center will provide an educational opportunity otherwise inaccessible to students which will aid in attaining good jobs in the future.

Bendall Village, Afghanistan

“This month was a month for celebration in Bendall, as funding for the long-awaited Computer Center arrived!

“Our worker, who lives in Bendall, spent several days in Kabul buying all the necessary equipment – from the six computers, to chairs and desks, to solar panels and various cables. Despite some initial delays transporting it back to the village, due to security concerns and a few days of national holiday, our worker and the equipment arrived safely in Bendall.

“On 29 November, the villagers held an inauguration ceremony to officially open the Computer Center. This was a great opportunity for our worker to talk about and emphasize self-sustainability, ownership and development. In addition, he could teach some of the key Transformational Community Development principles and lessons to the community, with about 50 men and women present.

“The new teacher for the Computer Center already expects more than 50 students to take lessons and has put together a lesson plan. Once the school winter exams are over and holidays have begun, the Computer Center can officially begin.”


* For purposes of security and well-being, “Bendall” is a pseudonym of the village that is being helped by this project.