Computer Classes for a Better Future

Hoogly Village, India

Priyanka is a girl you need to meet. Her father’s name is Pradip and her mother’s name is Shriti. Pradip is a carpenter and does not earn sufficient money to sustain his family. Both Priyanka and her brother Sujoy are studying in classes 6th and 9th, respectively. They live in a small hut beside the railway track at Hindmotor.

Priyanka comes to our computer center on a regular basis. Her family wants her to be educated in computers because now they know the value of such education. She wants to be a teacher so that she can become a helpful hand for those who are in the same condition as she was earlier.

Thank you, GHNI, for helping me to become a helping hand to reach out to such skillful children, who are yet hidden and can be shining examples to their own communities in later days.

Partner TCD Worker