Computer Course Opens Opportunity

Hoogly Village, India


I would like to share the story of Raj, a 13-year-old boy who is learning about computers in our computer center. I had shared about him last year, so this time I have chosen to again because he is one of our best students. Raj knew nothing about computers when he joined, and because of that always scored poorly in the subject in school. But after he came to our center he learned fast and completed his basic computer course. Now he is pursuing an advanced course.


This year, Raj was able to pass the subject with one of the top marks in his class. He did well in other subjects, too. His father is a heavy drunkard who does no work. His mother is supporting his study by working as a maid.


Raj has a great passion to become a drummer. He says if he were able to perform, he would surely go for it, but right now, his situation is forcing him to pursue his study and get a job to support his family.



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