The Concept of Giving

Helwan Village, Egypt


Children of Helwan


At the outset of the New Year, we celebrated the occasion with the children of 15th of May area. The children were very happy with the performance, the time of coloring, and the gifts. At the end of the day, a child came just to receive a gift, but they were all distributed and we were out of gifts. The child cried because he did not get a gift. Amazingly enough, one of the children, Michael, decided to give his own toy to that child and said: "That is what I have learned in the lesson today. Besides, I have received many gifts before, and I am pleased that I can make that child happy just like what I have learned."


Women of Helwan


It was simple medical help that made all the difference to Um Kurlos, a lady who has been a regular attendee at our organization for a long time. She has learned many psychological, social, and health lessons. One of the health lessons she learned was "how to take care of your eyes and your appearance." Um Kurlos suffered from short-sightedness and was unable to see things well. In the hustle of life and its pressures, she was unable to visit the ophthalmologist or purchase eyeglasses.

That was our simple role: to help her get a pair of eyeglasses. Upon using the glasses for the first time, she said that she felt as if she were born again and that her eyes returned to their original condition. She added that she could now see very well, and she started to read, which made all the difference in her life.


GHNI National Field Leader