Confidence-Boosting Coaching

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformation is the key to our success, but changing attitudes and striving to help individuals believe in themselves takes time to produce results. With determination and continuous coaching, new confidence will soon happen: be it in one person, one family , one village , or one cluster at a time. Our goal is to help the country and the world through this process of bringing real transformation and restoring hope to those who are hopeless and helpless.


As an example of Transformational Community Development (TCD) being the key to transformation in most of the villages we are serving, Andrew in Gem Village is one of the beneficiaries who has experienced a real about turn in his life. He is part of the Karama Saving Group which was formed as a result of self-sustainability lessons given every week. The group’s monthly savings are used to boost each other economically by pooling together their small incomes to empower each other, one at a time. Their combined monthly savings boost an individual with a project of their choice and GHNI tops up the share. Andrew invested his share in leasing land for a farming project. He has leased 1/2 a hectare to cash crop for one year.  


Along with his other small businesses and this boost from the group, Andrew is able to take care of his seven children who are school age. After he joined the group, he benefited from the project set up by GHNI and his life changed completely, as he was able to provide for his family and educate his children as well. He is now happy to share the story of his success with many other poor and desperate villagers who need help just like him. He is so grateful to GHNI.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader