Conflict Causing Food Shortages

Myat Hlae Village, Myanmar


In Myat Hlae Village, the ground situation is still severe and the people are suffering as a side-effect of the fighting in the area. The villagers still could not go out to work their farms. They rely on the food they stored, but it will run out sooner or later. They have sold all of their livestock for low prices because the buyers do not want to pay regular prices. They depend on their home garden in order to plant some seasonal vegetables. 


The humanitarian aid goes to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) in the village, and so the community is suffering. GHNI has been contributing rice to those families who are in a very hard situation among the villagers. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) committee leaders and the village chief manage to share the rice so that the most vulnerable families have food for living. In this month, they were able to contribute to 104 families out of 245 households in the community with food. These are families most in need. Each family received the share of 23 kilogrammes. They were so thankful for the help as they are in need. 


“The situation is not getting better. We still could not work. It’s disappointing and I’m so worried now for our future. But thank you to GHNI for standing with us as a good friend and helping us. There are still families who do not receive the contribution, yet. It is likely that more families will need help in a couple months,” said one of the leaders of the village. In addition to the relief provided at the end of the month, several villagers from Myat Hlae and nearby communities attended micro-enterprise training held by GHNI.  We hope that this training will help them develop new streams of income during the crisis and beyond.