Conflict Creates Challenges for Families

Spitak, Armenia


Parenting Course

Education is one of the five pillars of Transformational Community Development (TCD). It is within this framework that we have organised a seven-weeks-long Parenting Course. We have now completed it and the women who participated are motivated and play key roles in their families and communities. Our vision is that they will be better equipped in their parenting skills and will share with others. We hope that they will potentially help conduct future Parenting Courses. 


Most husbands leave for Russia for seasonal jobs and their wives take care of the children and household on their own. However, due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, the men who left to work in Russia suffer, as the ruble has dropped significantly in value. Thus, it became pointless to stay and work there. When they returned to Spitak, they faced unemployment peculiar to the region. Many families in the community now have a very difficult and unstable situation. 


Guitar Lessons

The guitar lessons continue; the participants progress and work hard. It is a good way to present professional music to those who live in remote areas and do not have many opportunities to attend classes. Music is helpful at this difficult time.


Thank you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers