Coronavirus Awareness

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


In Nubian villages, as we endure this hard time, we stopped all of our activities because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and, as part of our responsibility towards people and the community, we developed educational awareness about the virus in the villages that we work. We taught them how to keep their houses clean and can be done to avoid this virus.

We did not do this in big groups, but we asked the villagers to gather a few persons, maybe two or three, to receive educational awareness. They will teach it to others as this is a hard time. We distributed chlorine to five villages to help them disinfect homes.

As a result of COVID-19, our training team and some local committees in four villages in Minya are collecting donations from members of the community to help those who have lost their jobs from daily wage work or as a result of house isolation in Egypt. The donations will provide a grocery bag that is sufficient for 15 days. We will reach 300 homes by the end of April. The donation has reached 120 families, and we hope that we can help provide for 180 families. The clinic in Saft El laban continues helping poor people.


Thank you!



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