Country Stores

Our friends, Trey and Madison Cason, are still on the trail!  They've been hiking for well over one month (almost two) and have accomplished over 400 miles already!  They''ve conquered what is considered the hardest parts of the trail.  Most of the northern section involves rock climbing and a whole lot of mountains.  As you can imagine, hiking through those regions take longer than hitting trails with less incline.  They've reported to us an expectation to increase mileage from here on out.  WOW!  Our team is rocking this hike!

We are so blessed by their heart and their passion.  We are inching close to the $5000 milestone for donations!  What does that mean?  It means a village will be able to launch TCD for 5 months!  Bringing solutions to the five key issues keeping families in communities of extreme poverty - access to clean water, education for all children, wellness habits to prevent disease, renewable and nutritious food sources, and an income generating source for families to make over $2 per day (in extreme poverty, most have no income or less than $1.25 per day).  

How can you encourage our hikers?  With $21.90?  more?  Please consider being on the team so our hikers continue feeling the support from all of you!  What prevents you from donating $21.90 today?  Consider cutting back on fast food, movies or other luxury just for a short time so you can give to those who have no idea about fast food, movies or many of the luxuries we experience in our country.

Will you please join the team with your gift today?